Lyceum Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Lyceum Theatre is one of London's largest auditoriums, set over three levels of seats. Despite its size, the venue feels comfortable and views from all levels of the venue are good. The current show is Disney's The Lion King, which has been entertaining audiences at the Lyceum since 1999. The set extends out from the stage into the boxes, creating an exciting, theatrical experience throughout the venue.

The Stalls

The Stalls is the closest seating section to the stage. It is divided into three sections by two central aisles, and the right and left section are then divided into a front and rear. This creates multiple opportunities for seats with extra legroom, and makes the section feel comfortable and relaxed. The front section offers clear views of the stage, and the overhang of the level above isn't in view until row Q. The seats are gently raked throughout, and booster cushions are available for children to see over the heads of the audience in front. Due to the curve of the rows, the seats at both ends of the first 6 rows are slightly restricted.

The Royal Circle

The Royal Circle is the first level above the stage and Stalls. It is divided into three seating sections by two central aisles, giving extra legroom and access opportunities throughout. The section is set back above the Stalls, feeling further away from the stage. Legroom is more limited than in the Stalls, so taller audience members may prefer to choose an aisle seat for maximum comfort. The rake in this section is quite steep, allowing clear views over the heads of the audience in front of you. The rear of the section may miss out on some of the opening number that takes place in the audience, but does provide an excellent panoramic view of the stage and auditorium. Even seats towards the very back of the Royal Circle provide generally good views of the stage.

The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the highest level of the auditorium. It can feel quite high and distant from the stage, so those with children may prefer to sit closer to the action. The section is quite heavily raked. The final few rows of the section give a very good view of the stage, and have excellent legroom. The safety rails at the side of the stairs can affect the view from those close to the aisle.


Where are the best seats for children at the Adelphi Theatre?

The Lyceum Theatre is rather large, and so younger children may prefer to sit closer to the stage. The Stalls provides excellent views of the stage, and feels more involved in all of the action. Children will love seeing the animals in the audience and feeling part of the production. Older children may prefer to sit in the Royal Circle for a clear, panoramic view of the full stage.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

Some of the seats in the Lyceum Theatre are considered restricted view and they are labelled as such. Seats on the far ends of rows and in the boxes have side views of the stage and may not be able to see the staging on the side closest to them. The first row of the Royal Circle and the first row of the Grand Circle are not suitable for patrons under 5 feet tall because of the safety rail. The side aisle seats of first 3-4 rows of the Grand Circle have views restricted by the stairwells' safety barriers.

What if I am hard of sight or hearing?

The theatre is fully equipped with a hearing induction loops, for which headsets are available to hire in the main foyer. The Lion King regularly schedules captioned and signed performances - please look at the access page for more information. Vocal Eyes also regularly hold audio described performances of The Lion King which come complete with information on the production and instructions on how to get to the venue. There are also a number of Braille programmes available on request. Guide Dogs are welcome inside the auditorium, or can be looked after by the theatre management. For more information or to book access tickets, please contact the access line on 0800 912 6972.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

The main entrance to the theatre is accessed by 3 steps up from street level. There are then 7 steps down to the Stalls, 12 up to the Royal Circle and 83 steps up to the Grand Circle. The wheelchair accessible entrance is located on Wellington Street, just left of the main doors. This provides access to the Stalls and access toilets. Please notify someone on arrival if you wish to use this entrance.

Where are the toilets located?

There are male and female toilets located at all levels of the Lyceum Theatre. There are also two access toilets located inside the level access entrance by the Stalls.

Where are the bars located?

The Lyceum Theatre has four licensed bars, one on each level and two in the Royal Circle. There are no low counters at any of the bars, but disabled audience members can order and have drinks brought to them in the auditorium.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

The Lyceum Theatre is fitted with eight wheelchair spaces in the Stalls section of the auditorium. There are lifts available to all levels of the theatre, located by the entrance on Exeter Street. The lift to the Royal Circle brings you out at row H, where there is 14 steps down to Row A and 12 steps up to Row P. The lift to the Grand Circle brings you up to Row B. There are then 3 steps up and 3 down to Row A and 33 steps up to Row M. Please contact the access team on 0800 912 6972 to book a seat for a wheelchair user.